3 Things To Do When Throwing An Office Party

Throwing an office party for your employees and want them to have a great time? Planning a few weeks or months ahead of time is always ideal because that gives you enough time to figure out how to decorate and what to serve at the party.

Have the Office Cleaned Beforehand

Have the cleaning staff come out to the office to wipe down all surfaces, remove any dust, sweep, vacuum, and mop floors throughout the building. You want the office to look exceptionally clean before you start setting up for the party. If your cleaning staff members are currently on a specific schedule, you may need to put in a request to have them come to the office a few hours before the event is set to take place to give them plenty of time to get the cleaning done.

Find a Restaurant That Offers Corporate Delivery

Start looking for a restaurant that offers corporate delivery services. Once you find a restaurant that offers these services, you can review the menu and put in the order to have a certain amount of food delivered to the office by a set time. You should arrange to have the food prepared and delivered at least an hour before the event begins because you want to have time to set it all up. Make sure to choose a restaurant that provides plenty of options because you want to have food for all your employees to enjoy. Plenty of restaurants offer assorted dishes, including gluten-free options, low-carb options, and vegetarian or vegan selections.

Purchase Decorations and Put Them Out

Visit a local party store or dollar store to shop for decorations that you can use around the office to decorate it and give it more of an exciting vibe. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get quality decorations. Some of the different types of decorations that you may want to consider using when decorating the office include:

  • Paper streamers
  • Banners
  • Different types of balloons
  • Paper tissue flower pom poms
  • Curtain panel backdrop for photos

If you cannot find everything you need in your local party stores and dollar stores, check online. You can find a lot of great party items at different online stores.

Prepare to throw an amazing office party for employees by having the office cleaned, ordering food from a restaurant that provides corporate catering delivery services, and setting up assorted decorations that you can get from various stores.