2 Regular Maintenance Tasks For Your Walk-In Coolers

If you have a restaurant, then you know that you need to take food safety seriously. That means keeping the cold stuff cold and the hot stuff hot. In order to make sure that your cold stuff stays cold enough, you are going to need to have a variety of coolers. That can include a large freezer to keep things completely frozen or a walk-in cooler that will let you keep refrigerated stuff under 40° F. You may also need to have coolers that are under prep stations so that you can keep a small amount of ingredients right at hand to work with. In order to make sure that you are keeping your food at safe temperatures, you need to make sure that you maintain the coolers so that they will continue to work. 

Clean the Evaporator Fans

The evaporators have coils and fans which keep the freezer nice and cold. However, they can get all kinds of gunk and buildup on them. All that buildup will make the evaporator have to work harder to keep things cool. If you go through and clean the evaporator equipment off a few times a year, then that buildup should be gone and the system will work better. You won't have to worry about the evaporator burning itself out or costing you more money. When you clean the coils and fan blades off, you will want to make sure that you make sure that there is nothing open in the cooler or clear the cooler out altogether for a deep clean. 

Check the Hinges and Gaskets

You also want to make sure that things like the hinges and gaskets are tight and not falling off. The gaskets run around the door and keep the door sealed tightly to the body of the freezer. That keeps the cold air in the cooler, which maintains the appropriate temperature. If the hinges are loose, the door won't seal correctly and cold air is going to be able to leak out, which puts the food at risk for warming up and staying too warm. 

If you notice that any of your coolers or freezers are no longer working the way that they should, you should call a commercial refrigeration company like Hooten Equipment Company LLC  to come in and look at it. Even if you do all kinds of regular maintenance, your cooler may still not work as well as it could, and having a service technician come in and check it out will ensure that you aren't putting your customers at risk.