Provide Refreshing Beverages For You And Your Construction Crew

If you are a construction foreman, you realize the importance of keeping your crew members hydrated throughout work shifts. It may not always be convenient to leave a worksite or the commercial building where projects are planned to retrieve beverages. Utilize the tips below to provide you and your workers with a supply of refreshing beverages on a daily basis.

Order Bottled Water And A Dispenser

A business that offers a water delivery service should be contacted so that you can inquire about the products that are available for purchase. If you have a break room inside of your business, a water dispenser can be set up in one of the room's corners so that your crew members can help themselves to a cool beverage whenever they are on break.

The dispenser will also come in handy during meetings that involve informing your employees about impending projects and work duties that each person will be responsible for. Bottled water is another product that can be purchased in bulk and that will eliminate the need for cups. Plain water or water that has been flavored can be ordered.

After purchasing products, a delivery person will drop your purchases off at your business. Recurring deliveries can be set up so that a steady supply of water is readily available. 

Install A Refrigerator And Freezer And Pack Water In A Cooler

If your company's break room does not already have a refrigerator or freezer in it, purchase new or used appliances so that you can store bottled water and ice. Before heading out to a job site, add a thick layer of ice to the bottom of a cooler and place the bottles of water on top of the ice.

Bring the cooler to the location where the construction job is being completed and hand out the bottles of water to your employees whenever they are thirsty or during breaks. At the end of each shift, place leftover bottles of water back inside of the refrigerator and clean out the cooler so that it will be ready for use the following day.

Order Additional Break room Supplies

If you often purchase additional supplies for the break room, including paper towels, disposable cups and utensils, and dinnerware, then there is a good chance that you may be able to buy some or all of these supplies from the same business that provides the water delivery service.

Inquire about additional supplies and place your order for them and the water at the same time. You can control how often items are delivered and can request that deliveries are postponed are completed on a more frequent basis if you determine that your company's needs have changed. Contact a company, like Dean's  Waterservice Inc, for more help.